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Scouring under the covers of everyday life is to find the dark secrets that weave our true reality. Taboos. Young authors Amanda Miranda, Lalo and Jessica Groke delve into the tense terrain of three of the biggest taboos in our society to come out with mature, impactful and carefully constructed stories. A cumbersome collection for a time of disguises and lies.

Comic Book
Piracema is 1 of the 3 volumes of the TABU Collection
Editora MINO 
40 pages (120 pp. total)
Dimensions 21 x 28,5 cm
Printed in Offset 120g


"Rarely, the sexual awakening of a girl has been shown in such a poetic and intelligent way, even though the subject is nothing new, with hundreds of films and books there to prove it. But use the phenomenon of piracema to illustrate this very complex and remarkable moment of any woman's life is quite a catch." 
                                                                                                                BIANCA ZASSO - FORMIGA ELÉTRICA

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